Welcome to the home page of the Brewer High School Music Department. Over the next couple of months we will be updating the pages and content to provide more information for students and parents regarding courses, performances, and other activities. Please use the links on the left to help navigate.

BHS Rehearsal and Performance Calendar

Week at a Glance

Jazz Activities

Feb 20-March 4, 2017


District Jazz Festival

Wednesday, March 1st (snow date of March 2nd) at MDIHS. Departure and performance times are TBA. All will be in performance dress for the entire event to include departure from BHS. There is an admission of $5 adult, $3 children, and $15 for family. All students will ride the bus there. If parent wants to bring their child back, they just need to see me in person.


Middle School Jazz Festival

All jazz ensemble members will assist with the running of the middle school jazz festival on Friday, March 3rd (snow date March 4th) at BCS. Students will be asked to help with hand-stamping, running, parking, and other tasks. Students will be scheduled for two-hour blocks throughout the day.


February Break

Since we have missed so much rehearsal time, there will be one rehearsal on Wednesday, February 22nd from 9-11am. Those that have one-act, your rehearsal is at noon.