Welcome to the home page of the Brewer High School Music Department. Over the next couple of months we will be updating the pages and content to provide more information for students and parents regarding courses, performances, and other activities. Please use the links on the left to help navigate.

BHS Rehearsal and Performance Calendar

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance

November 14-November 19


November 14- CB

Warm-Up: Page 6


God Rest You Merry Gentlemen:

-         Check all rhythms and notes

-         Focus on dynamics and transitions

-         Ending


By Loch and Mountain:

-         Rhythms

-         Section Work

-         Dynamics


November 15- JE

No Rehearsal


November 16 CB

-         Run vocal charts

-         Barnum and Bailey


November 19 JE

-         Full rehearsal 7am


Combo Information posted this week


Concert Band Rehearsal and Performance Notes

May-June 2018


May 7

Focus: Homefront- all, especially transitions

Blues Brothers- all especially transitions

            Pirates: m1-m120


May 9

Focus: Marching outside

All freshmen will be fitted for uniforms between 730am and 1100am


May 10 Combo 2 during RTI


May 11

Focus: Arabesque



RTI: flute sectional


May 15

Focus: FSS #2




May 16: Trumpet sectional during rti

               Trombone sectional during RTI


May 17

Focus: Marching


May 21

Focus All concert selections


May 22: All brass during rti


May 23

Focus: Marching

            RTI: All woodwinds


May 25: Final Marching day






May 28

Memorial Day Parade

Be at music room 9am


May 30

Focus: Concert Run-thru


May 31

RTI: Sectional


June 1

Focus: Concert run-thru

RTI: concert run thru


June 4

Spring Dress Rehearsal at PAC

Report to music room 8am

8:15 set-up and warm-up

9:15 Perform dress rehearsal

1030 return to BHS


7pm Spring Concert


June 5

Move gear back into music room

Music turn in (seniors will see me at 7:20am)


June 7

Focus: Sightreading


June 11

Focus: Sightreading

Dept banquet TBA


June 13

Focus: Playing


June 15: playing


June 19 END