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BHS Rehearsal and Performance Calendar

Week at a Glance

Concert Band
Rehearsal Plan

February 26-March 29



-          Will be a combination of the following scales: Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, C, D, E, F, and G Major

-          Percussion will be using handouts with pages number 51, 52, and 53. Each exercise will correspond with the wind scale warm-up

-          Veronica will be used

-          All other standard warm=ups will be incorporated as necessary


Monday, Feb 26


Trombone King- all

FSS #1 –all

Irish Tune- all



Wednesday, Feb 28

Vocal day


Friday, March 2 Currently Is now a BLACK DAY


Monday, March 5

Vocal Day


Wednesday, March 7

Arabesque- beginning to m41 and 100-end

FSS #3- all


Friday, March 9

Blues Brothers- all


FSS #1

Irish tune



Tuesday March 13

Vocal Day


Thursday, March 15

FSS # 1 all

FSS #2 all

FSS #3 all

Homefront all-

Bluesbrother- all



Monday March 19

FSS #1 all

Irish Tune

Trombone King




Wednesday March 21

Vocal day


Friday, March 23


FSS #2

Irish Tune



Tuesday, March 27

Homefront- all

Trombone King- All

Irish Tune- All

FSS #1 All

Blues Brothers- all


Thursday, March 29

Vocal Day


Other Info

-          Mandatory Orlando meeting March 13th 6:30pm in the lecture hall for all students and chaperones

-          We will make a decision after the March 21st rehearsal whether or not Uninvited will come together in time