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BHS Rehearsal and Performance Calendar

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Jazz Ensemble

Rehearsal Schedule

October 12-November 10, 2016


In order to fully prepare for the Jeff Coffin event, this is the schedule for the next few weeks. Please make plans accordingly.



All Full Rehearsal

October 17- 7am

               19 7am


               21  7am

               26 7am and during RTI


               27 During RTI


              30 (Sunday)  5-6:30pm



1        6:00-7:15pm

2        6:00-7:155pm

3        6:00-7:15pm

7    6:00-7pm

8    2:30-4:30pm at PAC with Jeff Coffin

      5:30-7:00pm clinic with Jeff Coffin

9    915-11:30 Rehearsal with Jeff Coffin

      3:00-4:30 clinic with Jeff Coffin (optional)

      6:00-7:30 rehearsal with Jeff Coffin at PAC

10 12:00-2:15 Sound check and rehearsal with Jeff Coffin

            6:20 be at PAC in performance dress for concert


All rehearsals are required.

Please arrive early to warm-up.

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance

October 31- November 4

Instrumental Music



No am Jazz



Concert Band- Outside Marching

6:30-8pm Full Jazz Ensemble



Jazz during RTI

6:30-8pm full jazz ensemble



Concert Band Inside ceremonial and marching music

Open Mic Night 6:30



7am Full Jazz

Jazz During RTI

All-State Auditions departure at 1250

GF Performance at 7pm. Load at 545