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Week of September 29 – October 3rd


Since rehearsals are on Tuesday and Thursday and we have two performances next week, here is the plan:


1)      All Freshmen will come in at 10:10 on Tuesday and do a placement “test”. Please have Sleigh Ride prepared to the best of your ability. I will also ask you to play your chromatic scale and two major scales of my choice (up to 4 sharps and 4 flats).

2)      During rehearsal on Tuesday I will select upper classmen randomly to play different sections of Sleigh Ride and will use this information for proper placing.

3)      The first performance is next Friday for the pep rally. You will be dismissed at 12:30 to come to the music room. We will need to move equipment and set-up the three risers for trumpets and put out chairs for the woodwinds. We will all help with equipment and set-up and tear down. We will bring a rack of stands from the music room.


We will be performing as the student body enters the gym and will have one featured selection. Once we are done we will need to quickly rack stands, chairs, and move gear to the hall, secure instruments, and then you will sit with your class for the remainder of the rally.


4)      The second performance is Friday night for the home football game. Please meet at the music room between 5:30 and 6 to get your instrument and music. If you prefer to meet us at the field please let me know. There is no formal dress for the event other than school colors and dress warmly. We will be playing pre game and half time. We are dismissed after half time and all gear needs to come back to the HS and put away.

5)      If you are involved in a sporting event at the same time as the football game please come see me.

6)      Both performances are recorded as exam grades (50%). There is NO make-up.

7)      All-State Sign-Up is next week.

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