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BHS Rehearsal and Performance Calendar

Week at a Glance

Instrumental Music

Week at a Glance

November 13-17, 2017


Monday O Day


Tuesday B Day

Jazz Ensemble 7am

Skeleton Crew: all

Song For Barry: Run thru

Witches Meeting-Clarinet Sectional


Wednesday O Day

Concert Band:

            Warm-Up: Scale sheet handed out

            Concert Bb, Eb, Ab Scales


Tbone King: Trio to end

1941: Quiz m89-m104


Most Wonderful Time: beginning to m33

-          Rhythms and phrasing


Oblivion: Need to select soloist(s)


RTI: Open


Thursday B Day

Jazz 7am  Rhythm Section Only

-          Mr. Funkyman


RTI: Combo I


Friday O Day

Concert Band:

-          Warm-up: Bb, Eb, Ab, Db major scales

-          Most Wonderful: m41-end

-          Tbone King: All

-          American Salute

-          Celtic Carol


RTI: Combo II